Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Firefighters still fighting with Inferno on Brandenburg

Two hundred firefighters, tanks and helicopters were deployed to extinguish a large fire, which broke out on Saturday soon after engulfed 17 hectares of dry Brandenburg, Die Welt newspaper reported on Monday.

Forty-two families who live nearby in the Teupitz / W├╝nsdorf of southern Brandenburg evacuated as ammunition stored at the former military land repeatedly blew part of the forest with high ceilings.

"This operation is complicated and because ammunition, quite dangerous," said a spokesman from the fire service Brandenburg paper on Monday morning, adding that they still have a serious battle on their hands.

Repeated explosions prevented firefighters from driving to the former military base and limit them to launch the water to the fire from a distance. On Monday morning there was still no sign of an all-clear for the family evacuated, the spokesman said.

"We are expecting temperatures of more than 30C [Monday]. Was bad for us. Then it will continue to burn the whole place," the spokesman said.

Smoke from fires 17 acres creating visibility problems for drivers on the A13 motorway between Berlin and Dresden on Sunday, the paper warns.

No one yet has an idea how the fire started, but the weapons were buried at the former military site Brandenburg has been known to go on their own in the extreme temperatures in the past.